What Is the Turnkey Home?

After sufficient time on the real estate market in search for your dream home, you may stumble across a jewel called a “turnkey” home. This term refers to a property that won’t cost you a dime in preparations, repairs or improvements before you can move in.

No cleaning, painting, retouching or dusting, all you have to do is grab your gear and make yourself at home. As you can imagine a home like this has several important advantages, but there are also some important considerations for this treasure.

Following is an overview of the “turnkey” home and what you need to know before selecting their advantageous option.

Benefits of the Turnkey Home

When buying a home, there are two types of home buyer: the first is the handy type who doesn’t mind some fixing up if they can get a bargain deal. Then there is the type who shudders at paint brushes, putty knives and even changing a light bulb.

This second type of home buyer would be most interested in the turnkey home. Other home buyers who ha…